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Anemostat Louver Colors & Architectural Coatings
Anemostat offers 30 standard colors and 5 metallic colors for finishing our exterior architectural louver products. Our coatings are offered in varying grades of performance levels which meet or exceed AAMA specifications. Contact your local Anemostat representative for custom color matching. Anodized finishes are also available. See the chart below to assist you selecting a finish for your application:
  Finish Designation Description Application Specification Humidity Salt Spray Weathering Warranty


A4 High performance, super durable powder coating with solar reflective pigments A good performance coating providing excellent resistance to outdoor weathering. Alternative to 50% Kynar/Hylar 5000 coatings. AAMA 2604 3,000 hrs 3,000 hrs Gloss > 30% Retention 5 years
A5 Ultimate performance, fluoropolymer powder coating with solar reflective pigments

Newest generation of hyper durable coating providing a hard, scratch-scuff resistant finish with outstanding color and gloss retention. Alternative to 70% Kynar 500 / Hylar 500 PVDF coatings.

AAMA 2605 4,000 hrs 4,000 hrs Gloss > 50% Retention 10 years
Primer PR Prime base coat Prepared for field painting of louvers. Finish coat should be applied asap for highest possible adhesion, after thorough cleaning NA NA NA NA NA
Anodize NA1 Class I (215-R1) Natural / Clear Anodize hard oxide coating (≥ .7 mil thickness) Resists weathering and chemical attack. Suggested for exposure to severe corrosion and/or abrasive environments. AA-M10C22A41 (AAMA 611) NA 3,000 hrs NA 5 years
NA2 Class II (204-R1) Natural / Clear Anodize hard oxide coating (.4-.7 mil thickness) Resists weathering and chemical attack. Suggested for typical weather exposure. AA-M10C22A31 (AAMA 611) NA 1,000 hrs NA 1 years
1. Consult Anemostat for availability of longer warranty period.
2. Warranty periods apply only to aluminum products.
3. Color anodized finishes available in light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, and black.
AAMA - American Architectural Manufacturers Association
AA - The Aluminum Association

Disclaimer: This online color chart is for reference only, and the final color on the product will differ than what you see on your monitor due to screen settings and resolution. Also, a color print out will not be accurate. Anemostat is not responsible for the accuracy of this online chart.
Please contact your Anemostat representative for a color card and/or actual finished coupons.
Louver Standard Colors
  Apollo White Bone White Colonial White Autumn Mist Sandstone
  Beige Sierra Tan Seawolf Light Blue Interstate Blue
  Agreeable Grey Slate Grey Cadet Grey Fashion Grey Charcoal Grey
  Antique Bronze Regal Brown Dark Brown Statuary Bronze Coal Black
  Terra Cotta Brick Red Colonial Red Banner Red River Rouge Red
  Patina Green Hemlock Green Interstate Green Hartford Green Boysenberry
Metallic Finishes
  El Cajon Silver Champagne Light Bronze Medium Bronze Dark Bronze