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  OB - Opposed Blade Volume Control Damper  
  • Air flow control damper allows precise adjustment of air quantity thru duct or air device
    • Opposed blade action permits equal distribution of air over entire face of grille or device
    • For use with grilles, diffusers, and in duct work
Product Features
  • Coated steel construction
  • Multi-blade, opposing rotation design minimizes torque required for adjustment
  • Operating mechanism provides for a positive damper setting in a position from fully opened to fully close
  • Rotating blades are tensioned with music wire to maintain setting and prevent rattling
  • 24" x 24" is maximum one piece construction. Multiple dampers used for large sizes
  • Available in aluminum, or stainless steel


Model Description
OB-1 Damper, Basic Assembly
OB-2 Key Operated with Fusible Link Attachment
OB-5 Key Operated with Right Angle Operator
OB-6 Remote Operated Cable
TP-1 Termination Plate for OB-6 Cable Damper
OB-7 Cable Operated
DOB-1 Damper, D - Diffuser