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  Linear Diffusers  
  Architectural Linear Slot Diffusers    
  Architectural Linear Slot Diffusers    
  Aluminum Linear Slot Diffuser    
  Aluminum Linear Slot Diffuser for TechZone Ceilings    
  Air Distribution Plenums    
  Square Diffusers
  Square Plaque Diffuser    
  Paragon Round Plaque Diffuser    
  Combination Horizontal /
Vertical Pattern Diffuser
  Directional Diffuser    
  Induction Diffuser with Mixing Vanes    
  Induction Diffuser with Nozzles    
  Square Cone Diffuser    
  Square 3 Cone Architectural Diffuser    
  Modular Core Diffuser    
  Quad-Line Diffuser    
  Cassette Diffuser    
  Ceiling Tile Diffuser    
  High Capacity Diffusers    
  Perforated Diffusers
  Face Mounted Pattern Controllers    
  Stamped Curved Pattern Controllers    
  RotoThrow Stamped Curved Pattern Controllers with Diagonal Blow Pattern    
  Modular Core Diffuser with Individually Adjustable Curved Blades    
  Modular Core Diffuser Square Necks    
  Perforated Supply Linear Diffuser    
  Ducted Ceiling Return, Matches PD    
  Non-Ducted Ceiling Returns    
  Plenum Slot Diffusers
  Adjustable Plenum Slot Diffuser    
  T-Bar Plenum Slot Diffuser    
  Steel Linear Plenum Slot Diffuser    
  Fixed Vane Plenum Slot Diffuser    
  Fixed Vane Plenum Slot Diffuser
with Vertical Blow
  Circular Diffusers
  Round Plaque Diffuser    
  Fixed, Horizontal Discharge Diffuser    
  Vortech Diffuser    
  Adjustable Discharge Diffuser with Anti-Smudge Deep Outer Cone    
  Adjustable Discharge Diffuser with Shallow Outer Cone    
  Fixed, Horizontal Discharge Diffuser with High Air Change Rate    
  Unit Heater Diffuser for 15'+ Mounting Heights    
  Unit Heater Diffuser for 8'-15' Mounting Heights    
  HU-4 w/ DE-2 Adjustable Deflector Changes Discharge Pattern From Horizontal To Vertical Projection    
  VAV Diffusers
  Electronic VAV Diffuser    
  VAV Diffuser    
  Nozzle - Jet
  Diffus-a-Jet Diffusers, Jet and Diffused Air Patterns    
  Punkah Style Spot Diffuser    
  Drum Louvers    
  Drum Louvers for Spiral Duct Applications    
  Opposed Blade Volume Control for Square or Rectangular Duct Installation    
  Butterfly Type Volume Control Damper    
  Bow Tie Radial Damper    
  Square to Round Adapter    
  T-Bar Frame    
  Equalizing Deflector for Square or Rectangular Duct Installation    
  Louver Damper    
  Opposed Blade Volume Control for Round Duct Installation    
  Equalizing Deflector for Round Duct Installation    
  Deflector Used with HU-4 Circular Diffusers for Pattern Adjustability