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  Model THD-1500 - Ceiling Grid System, 1-1/2" T-Beams  
  • Hospital operating suites, laboratories, and clean rooms where ceiling access is desirable
  • Eases installation of devices such as laminar flow panels and fluorescent light fixtures located adjacent to each other as compared to a hard ceiling surface
  • Grid system typically occupies central portion of ceiling, with a gypsum / sheet rock perimeter
  • Support hangers sized and spaced to provide support for a maximum ceiling load of 10 lbs./ft2 ceiling surface.
Product Features
  • Factory welded grid system on 12-1/8" Modulus
    (Ex. 24-1/4" x 48-1/2" Centerlines)
  • Individual sections fabricated up to 5' x 10' as standard for ease of transport, handling, and installing. Larger sections available as applicable / practical
  • Designed via structural analysis software for rigidity – insures a tight seal from the contaminated plenum space above
  • Supports a minimum of 10 lbs load / square foot
  • Factory furnished compression clips hold components tight to frame to prevent leakage (field installed)
Full T-Beam Features
  • 1-1/2" Wide Full T-Beams exceeding .52 lbs/lineal foot
  • 1-3/4" high vertical leg minimizes interference with installed ceiling components and hanger wire or threaded rod
  • Minimum wall thickness of .125"

Half T-Beam Features

  • 3/4" Half T-Beams with “Lock-Align” design for positive alignment between mating sections
  • Pairs of Half T-Beams mate together to form a dimensional equivalent of a Full T-Beam (field attached with threaded fasteners and clips)
Support Methods
  • Holes die punched at 12" intervals in vertical legs of frame for hanger wire support is standard (optional 6" intervals).
  • Optional threaded rod brackets are available
  • 24" support intervals in both directions are typical. Ceiling load, support specifications, and building codes may allow for larger spacing intervals.


  • 6000 Series Extruded Aluminum alloy for strength/rigidity, corrosion protection, and clean lines.
  • Closed-cell Polyethylene gasket material (PSA)
    for field installation (optional).


  • Arctic White epoxy powder coat finish
  • Clear / Natural Anodize finish
Model Features  
THD-1500 Ceiling Grid System • 1-1/2" T-Beams
900327 Hold-Down Clips