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  Model Dx - Induction Diffuser  
  • Increases room air change rates by induction and promotes mixing of room and ventilation air.
  • Design with low temperature supply air systems down to 45°F to reduce primary air flow - supply air is tempered by induction air before discharging into the space.
  • Retrofit existing spaces that suffer from poor air motion and stratification.
  • Increase cooling capacity for existing infrastructure.
  • Available as a 24” x 24” diffuser, 4-way pattern for surface mounting or use with suspended grid systems.


Increased Thermal Comfort
By reducing the differential temperature between the room temperature and supply air temperature, buoyancy effects such as “dumping” during cooling and stratification during heating greatly diminish.

Total air quantity into the space is amplified by inducing room or plenum air and mixing it with supply air before it enters the diffuser. This increase in diffuser air flow significantly improves jet attachment to the ceiling (coanda effect) to increase throw distance even with VAV at part load conditions.

Improved Energy Efficiency
By decreasing the supply air temperature of the system, the associated reduction in air quantity provides fan energy savings with lower operating costs, along with a reduction in duct sizes and installation costs.

Product Features

  • The Dx ceiling supply air diffuser includes internal nozzles that mix supply air with induction air. The total air is horizontally discharged onto the ceiling plane in a 4-way blow pattern.
  • 2 models available:
    Model Dx-R induces air from the room through the center of the diffuser (Capacity A, B, C).
    Model Dx-P induces air from the ceiling plenum
    (Capacity A, B, C, D, E, F) .
  • Various capacities available to match space and loading conditions. Capacity A, B, C, D, E, F refers to the quantity & configuration of induction nozzles. See performance data for ratings.
  • 1/2" internal fiberglass insulation is standard.
  • Side oval inlet collars allow for a low profile installation.
  • Air flow balancing port to determine supply air quantity.
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel diffuser construction.
  • Insulation (Internal or External) - 1/2" foil-faced, 1" fiberglass, 1" foil-faced, 3/8" fiber-free polymer foam
  • Manual inlet balancing damper.
  • Custom or optional paint colors


NOTICE - This product is not available in Indiana

Model Features Mounting
Dx-P Ceiling Plenum Induction Lay-In T-Bar
Dx-R Room Side Induction

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