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  Model XS800 - Perforated Supply Linear Diffuser  
  • Linear ceiling supply diffuser
  • High supply air changes, high capacity applications
  • 2-way opposite, horizontal discharge pattern
  • Segmented or continuous run applications
  • Ideal for critical environments such as laboratories, R&D facilities, and clean rooms
Product Features
  • Available in Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, or Aluminum Construction
  • Evenly distributed horizontal discharge pattern along ceiling
  • 2 sizes available: XS800-7 & XS800-3
  • Triangular shaped diffuser protrudes down from ceiling plane
  • Aluminum deflector grid behind perforated face for tight horizontal pattern.
  • Perforated face 3/16" diameter holes on 1/4" centers – 51% free area.
  • Perforated linear supply diffuser available up to 72" single section.
  • Modular design allows for “unlimited length” continuous runs. Maximum single piece size is 72".
  • Surface frame with removable diffuser core for cleaning.
  • Arctic White Epoxy Powder Coat Finish
  • Model OB-1 Opposed Blade Volume Control Damper
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction - #4 Polish Finish or Arctic White Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Splice plates (field installed) between diffuser sections for continuous appearance.
Features at a Glance

Model Description
XS800-7 7" High
XS800-3 3-3/4" High