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  Single Duct Retrofit Heaters  
Model ADH-V

Model ADH-V Duct Heaters are designed to be close-coupled to volume control dampers / air control valves, providing a small installed foot print. Ideal for new or retrofit applications with control dampers immediately upstream of the heater location. The Model ADH-V “flip-able” heater has been specifically designed, developed and tested with symmetry in mind eliminating the need for right and left handed designs.

  • Duct Sizes up to 40” Wide x 20” High
  • Patent-pending "Flip-Able" design
  • UL Listed (UL 1996) for multiple uses within 20" of valve/control damper
  • Symmetrically designed heater
  • No more left and right hand heaters
  • One heater for four mounting positions
  • Can be rotated to fit the requirements and location of the HVAC system
  • May be used as a stand-alone duct heater, or mounted directly to a VAV single duct valve system
  • Offers lower standard heater wire watt density and higher duct to heat coverage
More high and low kilowatt options are available in all sizes

Model ADH-O

Model ADH-O Duct Heaters are custom duct heaters designed specifically for Outdoor applications.
Consult the factory with your application for design options and heater sizes.

  • Heater is UL listed for Outdoor Applications
  • All of the limit controls in all Anemostat duct heaters are automatic resets or are manually resettable. There are no devices that have to be replaced when tripped.
  • In a horizontal airflow application, the airflow direction is not specific; it can go either direction without any modification.
  • With our wire rack element suspension system, the heater coil is less susceptible to airflow shading and allows a very small pressure drop across the coils.
All Anemostat duct heaters carry a zero clearance rating for installations into ducts.
Model Features  
ADH-V Single Duct Cooling Only - Retrofit
ADH-R Close Coupled Restriction
ADH-O Outdoor