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  Model 10 / 20 - Single & Double Deflection Stainless Steel Supply Grilles  
  • Harsh environments dictating stainless steel performance
  • Recommended for heating, cooling, and ventilating applications
  • Versatile directional, throw distance, and spread pattern control
  • Typically installed high in a sidewall, soffit, or duct
Product Features
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Single and Double deflection supply grilles and registers exceeding the industry standard using heavy, 20 gauge stainless steel frames
  • Blades selected as horizontal or vertical for visual effect – rear blades (double deflection) perpendicular to front blades
  • Aerodynamic blade design resulting in lowest achievable sound and pressure levels
  • 3/4” spacing of individually adjustable blades
  • Blades rotate smoothly without bending and are tensioned by polymer bushings
  • Registers include a factory attached, face-operated stainless steel opposed blade volume control damper
  • Mounting holes in frame neatly countersunk for supplied stainless steel oval head screws
  • Satin polished.
  • Maximum size one piece construction is 48” x 48”. Larger sizes available.
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • White baked-on paint
  • Aluminum or coated steel opposed blade volume control dampers
  • Custom or optional paint colors
  • 1/2" blade spacing available
Features at a Glance

Model Blade
Stainless Steel
10 3/4" Spacing
15 1/2" Spacing