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  Model HCR - High Capacity Radial Diffusers  
  • Ceiling diffuser with a radial air discharge pattern for high air flow / air change applications
  • Rapid jet velocity decay - short throws
  • Intrusive radial pattern baths critical areas in continuous supply of clean air and lowers the concentration of airborne particles / contaminants
  • High ventilation rates with occupant comfort
  • Use in high air change spaces such as labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing, animal rooms, and industrial applications
Product Features
  • Installs flush to the ceiling as a single, fully gasketed module – no field assembly required
  • 180° & 90° radial patterns available for design flexibility
  • Unique, manually adjustable pattern controller to “fine tune” pattern based on design air flow rate, cooling differential, and application
  • Removable face via 1/4 turn fasteners for cleaning
  • Face is hinged and swings down 90° for easy cleaning. Safety cables prevent face from accidentally swinging down.
  • Closed cell gasket prevents leakage around face
  • Available for lay-in T-bar or hard surface ceiling systems
  • Model HCRF HEPA filtered diffuser
  • HOM volume balancing damper design – minimizes noise generation without distorting air pattern
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction
  • White, baked epoxy finish, satin polish (stainless steel).
  • Contact factory for anodize finish options

IOM Manual

Model Features Top
HCR-T Lay-In T-Bar
HCR-T Lay-In T-Bar, 1-1/2" Grid Systems  
HCR-T9 9/16" Tegular Grid Systems  
HCR-L9 9/16" Lay-In T-Bar  
HCR-P Hard/Plaster Ceiling
Battens Arrangements
Slip-On Battens

Grid System
Model THD-1500 - Ceiling Grid System, 1-1/2" T-Beams

Video Library
Smoke Test - HCR, 180° Pattern, 24 x 24
Smoke Test - HCR, 180° Pattern, 12 x 48