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  Model PvV Electronic VAV Diffuser  

The PvV series electronically controlled ceiling diffusers combine energy saving, VAV operation with very precise space temperature control. With feedback from the wall controller located “IN” the occupied zone, the PvV diffuser provides the correct amount of conditioned air to match the space load.

  • VAV Cooling only
  • Automatic Heating – Cooling Changeover with true VAV cooling and VAV heating
  • Pressure dependent flow requiring duct static pressure control
  • Adjustable minimum damper position for ventilation (adjusted at controller)
  • Controller located “in the occupied zone” (not the ceiling) yields better space temperature control
  • 360° horizontal air pattern delivery even at low air flow rates
  • Stand-alone operation or optional BACnet interface
Product Features
  • Plaque style ceiling diffuser – center plaque has smooth, hemmed edges for rigidity and flat appearance
  • Integral VAV damper-actuator assembly (24vac) delivers exact air quantity as commanded by the space controller
  • Diffusers connect to each other via RJ-12 modular cables (ordered separately)
  • Steel construction
  • White powder coat finish

Controller Features

  • Digital-display LCD wall controller with easy to understand push buttons enable viewing of current space temperature, changing set points, and simple diffuser configuration
  • PI control loops
  • One controller can control up to (8) diffusers simultaneously
  • Set point adjustment at the controller – no ladders needed
  • Available with 0-10vdc output for applications with perimeter heat
  • Standard cover is white flame resistant plastic
  • Aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Optional / custom colors
  • Model PvV-RR Pressure Relief Ring to dump excess air into the non-ducted ceiling return air plenum.
  • Plenum-rated cables to interconnect controller and diffusers
  • 24vac Power Supply
Typical Specification

IOM Manual    
Model Mounting
PvV-L Lay-In T-Bar
PvV-D 9/16 Narrow Slot
PvV-T 15/16 Tegular
PvV-F Surface Mounted
PvV-H Metal Pan (Snap-In)
PvV-HIT - Wall Controller
Cables - Inter-Connect Devices
PvV-24 - 24vac Power Supply Module
PvV-RR - Pressure Relief Ring
TBF - T-Bar Mounting Frame
B5 - Blank-Off Baffles