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  Multi-Vent - MV2/MV3 Dual Chamber Laminar Flow Panels  
  • Multi-Vent® laminar flow panels provide a unidirectional “piston” of clean air over critical work envelopes effectively isolating the area from external airborne contaminants
  • Laminar flow reduces entrainment of recirculated, contaminated air
  • Ideal for use in class 10 to 1000 spaces, including clean rooms and surgical suites
  • Carries particles, introduced by humans into the critical area, AWAY from the critical area
  • Laminar panels can be utilized individually to cover smaller, critical areas, or built-up into an array of multiple panels covering large areas
Product Features
  • Original Multi-Vent® dual chamber design provides laminar airflow into the space regardless of inlet conditions or damper position by redistributing air from the upper chamber through perforated “V” shaped diffuser baskets into a lower chamber
  • Perforated face is 13% open, and removable via 1/4 turn fasteners for cleaning
  • Face is hinged/removable and swings down 90° for easy cleaning. Safety cables prevent face from accidentally swinging down.
  • Integral hanger brackets
  • Balancing damper adjustable from panel face through hole with removable plug
  • Closed cell gasket prevents leakage around face
  • Available for lay-in T-bar or hard surface ceiling systems
  • Model MV-HEP HEPA filtered assembly
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction
  • Higher capacity panels are available for specific applications. Contact the Anemostat Applications Group.
  • Arctic white baked-on epoxy finish, or satin polish (stainless steel) finishes available
  • Aluminum anodized options, contact factory


Model Features  
MV-2T Dual Chamber - Lay-In T-Bar
MV-2D Dual Chamber - 9/16" Narrow Slot
MV-2P Dual Chamber - Hard/Plaster Ceiling
Battens Arrangements
Slip-On Battens
MV-3T Dual Chamber - Perf Baffle - T-Bar
MV-3P Dual Chamber - Perf Baffle Hard/Plaster Ceiling
Battens Arrangements
Slip-On Battens
MVB-P Blank-Off Panel, Perforated
MVB-S Blank-Off Panel, Solid
MVMSP Security, Surface Mounted

Grid System
Model THD-1500 - Ceiling Grid System, 1-1/2" T-Beams