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  Models ECO/UCO - Spiral Duct Supply Grille & Registers  
  • Grille / Register installs directly into round duct without the use of saddle transitions
  • Premium appearance enhances exposed duct installations
  • Recommended for heating, cooling, and ventilating supply applications
  • Versatile directional, throw distance, and spread pattern control
Product Features
  • Model ECO grille border designed to follow the arc of round duct surface. Front horizontal blades (up to 48" wide) designed to follow duct radius – an industry first!
  • Model UCO grilles have a universal border with flat grille face to work with a range of spiral duct diameters
  • Single or double deflection supply models
    with horizontal or vertical front blades
  • Perforated models for use with supply or return ducts
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction
  • 3/4" spacing of individually adjustable blades
  • Blades rotate smoothly without bending and are tensioned by music wire
  • Front blades selected as horizontal or vertical for visual effect
  • Registers include a factory attached air scoop or diverter/damper to assist in balancing
  • Mounting holes in frame for supplied #8 sheet metal screws
  • Air Scoop / Diverter-damper (factory installed)
  • Frame gaskets
  • Optional Anemostat colors or custom color matching


Model Type  
ECO10 Single Deflection Supply
ECO20 Double Deflection Supply
ECOP Perforated Return
UCO10 Single Deflection Supply
UCO20 Double Deflection Supply
UCOP Perforated Supply/Return